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CANI College offers a vast variety of programmes in different delivery formats: online, in-class and blended.

CANI training programmes are competency-based, student-centered, and tailored to learner and corporate needs.


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Music: Vocal & Instrument
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About CANI College

We are happy to introduce the CANI College of Education as a college that has been incorporated. For managers, employees, and students across the world, CANI College offers educational and training programmes in careers, industries, languages, business, and arts. CANI holds the philosophical and practical view that learning is an ongoing process that depends on prior knowledge and experience. So, CANI works hard to make programmes and courses that are based on the existing and future job market, and competency based.

Our difference

CANI helps students and trainees refresh and improve their knowledge and skills so they can get good jobs in the global job market. It does this by offering programmes that are new and based on what people need and by hiring people who have a lot of knowledge and work experience in the field. We offer programmes that higher education institutions do not. CANI College delivers its education and training programmes through various modalities: in-person, online, and hybrid (blended). CANI College of Education cares for equity and equality in providing its programs.

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