Admission Requirements

You may get all the information you require about CANI College’s entrance requirements from our admissions staff. They will instruct you about your professional aims and suggest courses or programmes accordingly. In addition, you will get to take a tour of our campus and learn more about our current students and faculty.

Admission Requirements

Unless otherwise stated in the programmes guides, you must have a high school graduation to be admitted to CANI College. When you enroll or when classes begin, you can also be asked to show documentation of your graduation.

Adult Learners

You may submit an application as an adult leaner if you don’t have a high school diploma. The admission exam and age verification are requirements for all applicants.

Schedule an Appointment

You will hear about these requirements during your free college information session. Each programme also has its own admissions standards, such as grade point averages and prerequisite courses.

International Students

CANI College accepts students from all around the world.

The high-quality education and certification programmes offered by CANI draw students from a variety of backgrounds who are looking for programmes that will enable them to work while they are learning and find employment after graduating.

Through its flexible programmes and with the assistance of its instructors, CANI College continuously accepts new students world widely.
The application procedure has been streamlined at CANI College.


Credit Transfer Information

CANI College has agreed to accept credit transfer from any approved and accredited post-secondary institutions based on its strategies. Please consult the CANI Admission staff for guidance if you have attended other schools. They will make it simple for you to transfer your earned credits.

Tuition Fee

CANI College provides students with information on all expenses associated with their programme of study throughout the admissions process. The price of the programme may include tuition, registration, learning materials, and study kits.
Cash, cheques, Visa, MasterCard, Interac, or loan disbursements from student aid can all be used to pay for tuition.

The tuition fee for the prospective students is subject to vary without prior notification after the provincial regulatory body has given its permission. To be clear, tuition increases are not applicable to any approved registrations unless a documented contract revision to change the programme or period of study is present.

Any tuition payment arrangement arranged with a CANI College financial representative must be followed to the letter. Prior to the academic end date indicated on a student’s enrollment contract, all tuition and other costs must be paid in full. Financial advisors are available to help students set up payment plans that guarantee complete payment by the contract’s expiration date.

Financial Options

Your education is an investment in your future. We realize that every student comes from a unique financial background, so we point you toward the financial solution that is right for you.
There are many options when it comes to financing your education.

RBC Student Line of Credit 

RBC has different credit lines that you can use the relevant one access and pay for your school. Below are RBC Student Line of Credit Options:
– Royal Credit Line for Students
– Royal Credit Line for Students in Professional Studies
– Royal Credit Line for Medical and Dental Students

StudentAid BCStudentAid BC

StudentAid BC can help you with the cost of post-secondary education through student loans, grants, and scholarships.