Become a Teacher at CANI College

CANI College teacher typically is an expert who has attained the highest level of seniority in teaching and in a discipline. Typical characteristics of CANI teachers are shown in the blow figure.

Degree LevelMaster’s degree; doctorate degree recommended
5 + years teaching experience
Licensure is not required, but is an asset

CANI teacher must juggle many responsibilities including, creating curriculum, teaching the material and evaluating and maintaining records on their students’ progress physically and electronically. CANI teachers possess the ability to convey information efficiently and have an extensive knowledge and command of the English language, both written and spoken. They must also be well versed on how to use technology in education.

Teachers typically work flexibly based on the defined teaching hours in the programs. CANI delivers on-line teacher-led and self-paced program and certification courses.

The first step to be a teacher in CANI college is submitting

  • Resume and cover letter,
  • Philosophy of teaching, and
  • Teaching evaluation record.

Become a Teacher

With a great pleasure we invite you to take a look at our courses, and if you were interested in joining to CANI College teaching team, email us your resume.

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